Thursday, June 9, 2011

Skip a Day... or Two

Wednesday was supposed to be my core training program, but I skipped it.  I got a Cortisone shot in my shoulder yesterday afternoon and I had to get ice on it right after work.  It was sore and achy, and I knew if I abused it with a workout, I would pay for it today. So, I iced it every hour for 20 minutes until I went to bed. I did get some of my tomatoes planted between icing. My tomatoes are going to be very late this year, my whole garden, in fact, but that's a whole 'nother story. Since I did as my doctor instructed and iced, it feels pretty good today. Maybe a little weak, but not sore.

Today is a running day for me, but I'm skipping that one too. I'm going shopping with my daughter after work. Saturday is my granddaughter's 4th birthday, and I have to get my hands on some "Tangled" merchandise! She loved the movie and thinks she is a princess, so this is a must have situation! We're also going to pick out pictures of my 6 years old grandson that were taken a few weeks back with a rodeo/cowboy theme. He was dressed in his cowboy best with chaps, spurs, boots, hat, etc.  Can't wait to see how they turned out!

Surprisingly, I don't feel guilty over missing these two scheduled training days. Usually, I really beat myself up over missing a day, but I know I have some serious "real" training that is starting next week, so I'm letting myself off the hook a bit. I signed up for a 10k training program that starts next Wednesday evening. I have to drive 30 miles to get to where the training is, but it is a highly recommended program (and there's no such thing in my little Podunk town). I will be training for the "Summer Sizzler 10k" that will be August 7th. The name is appropriate, since it easily gets over 100 degrees in August in our valley. I get to enter the race as part of the training team and learn from the experts on how to keep hydrated and fueled on a longer run in the heat. I'll also be working on extending my runs out to longer distances. I loved on the info sheet I just got today that they sometimes take a dip in the river (creek, really) after the long training runs. Sounds like a great group of people and I think it will be fun.  Real training!! I can't wait! Since I started running in February, it's just been by the seat of my pants. I read a lot of the runners blogs for tips and that has been a tremendous help, but learning from someone I can ask a question face to face will be nice. Now if my body will just hold up.


Living... as a Grandma hoping to set a healthy example for my grand kids.
Laughing... at my training schedule. Don't think I've experienced real training... yet!
Loving...  my skip day spent with my grand kids!

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