Monday, June 13, 2011

A Family Event

Saturday's Fish & Game Academy 5K was so much fun! My hubby, our daughter and her 6 year old son all ran too. I got my PR I was hoping for! 28:05! I cut a minute off, and I'm thankful for every second. At least this time, I got my timer on my watch started pretty close to the race start time, so I was able to keep track of my mile split times. I felt pretty good after I got warmed up. The first 3/4 mile always seems hardest for me, but then I get everything in sync after that and I'm in the "running mode".  I don't think my body still believes that I want it to run, but then it gives in and cooperates when it realizes I'm not stopping. Funny! I didn't have the queasy tummy this time, either, so it's just whole grain toast and a little coffee for breakfast on race day. There was a tri-tip BBQ and raffle after the run, but we had our own picnic lunch. My hubby did win a nice pocketknife in the raffle.

My grandson and daughter did great! My daughter stayed with him the whole time and told him to go as fast or as slow, as he wanted, and he could stop and walk if he needed to. Well, he ran the whole race and sprinted the last hundred yards or so and left Mom way behind! He came across the finish with the biggest grin somewhere around 36:00-37:00! Talk about a kid proud of himself! His dad was there waiting with his little sister. He got the "high fives" and "good jobs" from the other runners there, too.  My only complaint at this race was that they didn't do a final times or placement list. They gave away some prizes for the top 10 finishers overall, which were almost all academy cadets, but nothing in age groups or mens and womens winners.

It was also our Granddaughter's 4th birthday Saturday. We stayed in the park and played, ate lunch and had cupcakes. She is such a sweetie! She loves the kids playground in this park. She is brave enough now to go down the BIG slide! I'm so glad we were able to spend the day together.

Today is our Grandson's last T-Ball game.  I don't want to miss it, so I'll just head over to the gym for my workout after the game.  Today I have a 2-2.5 mile run and my Monday core workout scheduled. I am combining two different training programs. I want to keep up my core training, since I think I'm starting to feel the results of that, but I also need to work in the 10K Training program. Wednesday is the first training day and we are going for a run and they want participants to get in a couple miles on Monday. I am looking forward to the training this week!


Living...  what looks like a very busy running schedule this week.
Laughing... at the pure, simple happiness children express.
Loving...  my grand kiddos like I never thought possible.


  1. Congrats on your PR!!! That is awesome :) sure looks like a fun event. Your grandkids are super cute!

  2. Thanks! Any PR is great, no matter how small! I love seeing my family getting the running bug!