Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not Serious... And I'm So Happy!

My 10K Training workshop was awesome yesterday! As soon as I got there, I talked with Susan, from Fleet Feet (she is the training coordinator) about the groin/quad pain I have been having and that I had no idea what to do about it. She was concerned and said she would work with me during warm-ups to do some stretching to target that area. I was hesitant to start warm-ups, but it didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. The stretches she had me do before the run helped tremendously.

The temperature was easily at or over 100 degrees and we were running along the creek in the park, so the humidity was high. I was sweating buckets even before I got started on the run. We did four 1 mile circuits, given the high temps. We were encouraged to stop and get water or use the restroom at the end of each mile, if we felt the need. They didn't want anyone getting sick by over doing it.

At first, I could feel myself favoring the sore leg, but as I warmed up, I got a nice even stride, and was surprised as the pain faded away. Susan came up to run with me and my running partner. She gave me some pointers on my stride that may be contributing to put too much stress on my groin, glutes and quads. Evidently, I have too much "spring" in my step and my strides are too long. She said to try to shorten my stride, don't bounce so much, and take more steps in a minute. We counted my steps in 30 seconds and I am taking only 65-70. She said I should try for 85 to 90. I noticed a difference when I shortened up the steps, and I was able to keep the same running pace. She helped me with some new stretches in the post run to release those tight muscles. When I left, I had no pain at all, and I ran the whole 4 miles with my partner, except for about 30 seconds when we stopped for water. I met a great running buddy yesterday, too. It's not always easy to find someone who is comfortable running the exact same pace as you. I left training yesterday with an adrenalin high. I was so happy that I felt good and didn't hurt. Oh yeah, and I am loving my NUUN tablets! I have such a quick recovery using the supplemented water, it is amazing! No weakness or cramping at all.

I got up this morning and did a quick jog around our yard and then did a complete set of the stretches Susan showed me yesterday. I feel just a twinge of soreness, but nothing like I experienced earlier this week. I have my core workout on my schedule today, so no running, but lots of ab work and upper body strengthening. I'll probably finish up with a few miles on the bike, just to get some cardio work in, too. I'll be ending it with my "life saving" stretches.


Living... with so much more optimism than I started the week with.
Laughing...  at what I didn't know I didn't know... again!
Loving... having my daughter and her husband in California for the summer!

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