Friday, June 10, 2011

Shopping is Over, Now Back To My Routine

I had a great time with my daughter and grand kiddo's last night. We picked out some super cute photographs of my grandson, then hit up Costco for a few things. I didn't think I needed anything there, but of course, I did not leave empty handed, although it was just 3 things.  And my daughter stuck to her list, no impulse purchases!  I'm proud of her, she has less will power than me for shiny, sparkly, glittery (and yummy)!

We went to Target for a couple of things for Granddaughter's birthday tomorrow.  I didn't find the Tangled toy I was looking for, so I'll have to try somewhere else before tomorrow afternoon.  But I did find a couple new things for running. They had some very comfy looking running shirts, so I got a couple of those and I got a running skirt/skort. They always look great on the gals I've seen using them. I also got a pair of nylon shorts. It's funny, they remind me of the shorts I used to wear in the 70's! So now I have something decent to wear in my 10k Training Program when it starts next week.  Since I only started running in February, all I have are warm, winter type long leggings.  It's pretty normal to have temperatures in the 80's, 90's and even over 100 degrees is common where I live, so cool clothes are going to be a must for me.

I have the Fish and Game 5K tomorrow.  I'm going to try for a PR on this one. My last 5K was 5 weeks ago and I got a 29:03, which was my best ever 5K. But my last race 4 weeks ago was a 4 Miler and I got a 36:19, so I think my pace time is getting better. I just hope I don't have any tummy issues tomorrow. I haven't found the perfect breakfast yet that doesn't make me nauseous at some point during my run. I know most people prefer a little peanut butter and honey on a bagel. I like peanut butter, but my tummy doesn't. Even if I'm not running, it gives me heartburn and I am burping it all day. I can't imagine running like that. I bought some almond butter (thanks, Costco) to try. It tastes very similar, it will be good on some whole grain toast with honey. I hope it works!!

My hubby, my daughter and my 6 year old Grandson will be running this one too. I'm so happy to see them running. Hubby used to be an incredible long distance runner back in the day.  After the race, we are picnicking in the park to celebrate Granddaughter's 4th Birthday.

Heading out now for my Friday Core training.  Look out, abs! 
Looking forward to a great weekend,

Living...  this new running lifestyle.
Laughing...  at how much my Grand kids remind me of their mom when she was their age.
Loving...  filling my weekends with family!!

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