Monday, June 6, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

Since I couldn't make it to the gym on Friday to do my core workout, I planned to go to the gym first thing in the morning on Saturday. I would have the rest of the day to do all the other things I had planned for my Saturday. But it was not to be. Saturday morning, my cat was obviously having a problem with her eye, so it was off to the vet to have that taken care of, and drop a measly $170. Ouch! So, I thought I could still fit the workout in when I got back. We have had a ton of unseasonal rain here and my hubby was going stir crazy in the house, so, instead of my workout, we went to the local car show (in the rain), had some lunch, then rented a movie. I was still hoping to get some exercise in and the evening was beautiful, so we went on a hike up the creek behind our house. It was the perfect solution! The grass was tall and wet, we hiked through the thick brush around the creek, so it was a good workout. The wildlife was out and active after the rain and we were able to see deer, turkeys and quail.

On Sunday I had planned to do a short run down our country road, but I got more than I planned. My hubby was in exercise mode after getting out for the hike on Saturday. Even though we had rain again Sunday morning, we put our bikes in the truck and headed to the park where we usually run the 5K races. There are miles and miles of bike and walking trails there. The rain dried up by the time we got there, it was perfect running weather, so we ran the 5K loop. He wanted to see how he would feel running a 5k, since we are running one next weekend. He did great for not training at all. I got a 8:55 mile! That was the only mile I timed because I was chatting with hubby when we started and forgot to start my timer. But I felt good afterward, so I was happy. I really want to get a better "official" time next weekend.

After the run, we hopped on the bikes and took off. What a relaxing, beautiful day it was! We stopped along the way and ate our lunch by the creek, then continued our way up the park into the rocky foothills of the valley. There weren't a lot of people in the park, probably because of the rainy weather, so we had the trails to ourselves most of the time. I guess it must have been about a 12-15 mile round trip, some of it through the muddy, rocky trails of the upper park. It was a great workout. I forget how much I love riding the bike, gotta make plans to do it more. As we loaded up the bikes, we both agreed an ice cream was in order before he headed home. 

All in all, I couldn't have planned a better weekend. I'm so glad we sometimes just go with what we feel like doing and not stick to the "plan"!


Living... with appreciation of the beautiful, natural countryside where I live.
Laughing... with my hubby recalling some of our younger days.
Loving ... spending time with my favorite guy and making new memories. 

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