Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Injury... Or Not?

I am still contending with this nagging groin pain, and it's messin' with my head! I don't know whether to keep going, or just take a few days off.  I'm worried because I'm in the middle of a 10k Training program and have scheduled miles to get in during the week. So far, I have stayed on schedule. But I am paying for it in pain level now. If I can barely walk on one leg, I'm thinking I probably shouldn't run. I am going to go ahead and go to my training workshop this evening, but not sure that I'll run. There are 3.5 miles on the chart today. Coincidentally, there will be a physical therapist giving an Injury Management presentation before our workout. Perfect timing! I am going to find out exactly what I should and should not be doing to get this pain worked out.  Since I'm new to running, I have no idea if I have a serious injury... or just a mild strain. Everything I read says use R-I-C-E.  Rest, ok I can do that. Ice, did that, very carefully. Compression, how? Elevate, are you serious?!

I ran 3 miles at the gym on Monday and 1 mile last night, just to see how it felt. Not good!  I have made such great progress on endurance during my runs, I'm scared to loose that.  Cardio-wise, I feel like I can run longer than the distances I have been running, but I feel like my legs are failing me.

Looking forward to getting some answers tonight!


Living... with frustration, confusion and pain.
Laughing... at a groin injury? Really? Seriously?
Loving...  how I still feel the need to run, because I just love it.

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