Monday, August 15, 2011

Where To Start...

Well it's been over a month since my last post.  I've been thinking why I couldn't get motivated to write something.  I always want to be positive in some way, even if it wasn't a great day, or a great run.  The last few weeks have been difficult for me.  I love running so much, but hurting each and every time I run has gotten me down. It's gotten to be something I don't look forward to any more, and I am skipping a running day here and there, which is not good, and certainly won't help with being sore after the run.

I can't say there haven't been any good runs, there have, but I have such pain and swelling in my ankle the next few days afterward, it makes me wonder, "Is it all worth it?"  In my heart I know it is, but my mind is beat from hurting all the time.

I had a good race day on August 7th.  The training program set us up perfectly for the 10K distance, plus I took a couple extra days off during the taper to let my ankle rest up.  I had energy left at the end of the race to kick up my speed a notch and I came in at 0:57:59! My goal was to finish under an hour. It's an automatic PB for me, it was my longest race ever!  I felt good after running, but by evening, my ankle was really hurting and swollen.  It put a damper on my high spirits for accomplishing something I never thought I could do... run for an hour. 

I was feeling determined to try for the longer distances after handling the 10K distance, so I signed up for the 12 week training program for a half marathon in November.  Crazy, but I am really hoping I can find a solution to the ankle problem.  My theory is that I have tight hip flexors, those are always sore (another problem area).  I have had the coaches in the training program help me with strength exercises and stretches targeting that area. I do those pretty regularly, but am finding little relief from those super tight muscles.  So, because my hip flexors are painful, I think I have a wierd foot strike to compensate for the hurting in my leg, which is then causing some unusual stress on my ankle.  This is just what I am assuming from how things have progressed.  I looked at the calendar today and it has been 4 weeks today since I first noticed the pain and swelling in my ankle, so I made an appointment with my doctor.  I didn't want to do that, because the last thing I want is to have him tell me I have to stop running.  I really only want an x-ray, to rule out a stress fracture.  I have worked my way up to doing more miles per week than I ever thought would be possible for me, and I don't want to lose the progress that I've made, even injured. 

So, we'll see what he says tomorrow.  Maybe he will have some new ideas.  I hope so, because I have 5 miles of speed work on the schedule tomorrow afternoon.

Living... with a pain, and the fear that it won't ever go away. No, not my Hubby. ;)
Laughing... with new friends that are joining me in the next stage of training.
Loving...  my family that is so supportive of my running, even though I'm hurting.