Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chico Ten Race Stats here...

I forgot to include my finish stats in my last post.  Since I don't keep a running journal, this is where I keep track of how I progress.  There were only 95 runners total, this is a fairly new race for our area.

66/95 Overall
25/51 Female
9/14   Age Group (my friend Leslie was 7/14 and Stormi was 8/14, within a few seconds of each other)

I'm actually looking forward to next year's races, where I will be at the bottom of the next age group and I won't have to compete with those 40 year old youngsters.

I have heard a lot of runners mention that it's common for long distance runners to lose their toe nails.  Well, I have a feeling I am about to enter that distinquished group.  I have one toenail on each foot that is turning black.  I am expecting to take off my shoe after each of my runs and be missing my nail.  I'm kinda disappointed because I was trying to be extra careful and keep my nails trimmed so this wouldn't happen.  I guess there will be no open toed heels for me this holiday season.

Once they are gone, it will confirm that I'm a "real" runner.  (Please don't judge my crooked, mis-shapen toes. Thank you.)


Living...  with all the weird aches, pains and abnormalities of a runner.
Laughing...  with my running buddies; they make training so much fun.
Loving...  feeling the pride of accomplishment when I look at my race results.

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